This is going to be a short post but I believe it may save a lot of people frustration. After the release of Woocommerce 2.4.4 and updated many ecommerce site owners went into a panic like myself as products with variants suddenly stopped working.

Two big issues occurred as products pages which included variants (ie colors, sizes etc) suddenly had empty drop downs in addition to not being able to assign values to new variants.

Many answers on boards suggested things like upgrading PHP, installing new code and clearing your websites cache. After much searching on forums the answer was quite simple. If you’re running a custom theme and having and issue adding product variants for custom themes like Avada then the following should fix the issue.

WooCommerce has a template file called:


Some themes are bundling an older version of this file and will need updating. In the meantime, look for:


And rename or delete the file. This will cause the core WC version to be used in place until the theme is made compatible.

If you’re unsure if your theme is including this file, view the system status report under WooCommerce > System Status.

The excerpt above is from WooCommerce support forums on After making the above changes my variants that had stopped working previously were now working again and I could finally sleep in peace.

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