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Is your WordPress website up to date?

Having a WordPress website requires maintenance. New versions of WordPress are released throughout the year, plugins and themes become outdated which is why you need a professional WordPress Developer to keep your website up to date. This is why NexToronto offers a monthly WordPress services for businesses running WordPress websites.

WordPress Maintenance & Support

NexToronto provides WordPress maintenance services to make sure your website is up-to-date, bug-free, secure and running smoothly.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system which also powers almost one quarter of websites on the internet.

Periodically updates are released for for the WordPress software and plugins which provide security patches, optimized code and new functionality. This is why it’s important to make sure your website is up-to-date and enhancing your online presence.

New competition arises, markets get saturated and the internet evolves. This is why it’s important to stand apart from the competition and make sure your website is receiving regular upkeep and enhancements.

Security is always a concern for website owners. Since WordPress is opensource this allows hackers to study the code and find vulnerabilities. Our WordPress maintenance package will make sure your website is secure from bots and hackers through a combination of hosting and plugin support.

Receive premium WordPress Support, WordPress Maintenance and Management with the trusted experts at NexToronto so while you look after your business we’ll take care of your WordPress website.

Our Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Optimizing site performance

  • Updating WordPress software and plugins

  • Enhancing site design

  • Addressing any bug issues

  • Updating security

  • WordPress Consulting & Recommendations

  • Form creation or enhancement

  • Content and blog updates

  • $395/month for 4 hours or $150/hour

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Benefits of keeping your WordPress website up-to-date

wordpress security


Not updating your website can pose a security risk since hackers are able to exploit outdated copies of WordPress, steal sensitive information, insert malicious code or even take down your website. If your not on a monthly maintenance package you can run the risk of losing the most recent version of your website and pay for recovery which can sometimes be quite costly.

This is why we developed the WordPress maintenance package. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands. We also host our clients websites which are backed up regularly so in the event a site is hacked we can fully restore your website.

wordpress code maintenancePerformance

Updates can include code changes that can improve the loading time of scripts and your website. Performance can improve the user experience for both visitors and WordPress administrators. Improving page speed comes with many benefits including lower bounce rate, increase conversions. better search ranking and more!

wordpress theme updateFeatures

Plugins and Themes are updated regularly. Some of them even on a monthly basis. Not only do new versions address bugs but can also include new functionality. If your plugins or themes are out of date then you are not only running a security risk but potentially missing out on improvements for user experience, improvements on the admin dashboard as well as accessibility. So keep your website up to date and enjoy all the benefits available.

wordpress maintenance

Bug Fixes & Compatibility

Code can sometimes be released with bugs and compatibility issues. Themes and plugins are typically developed around the most recent versions of WordPress. Updating your current version of WordPress can not only patch core functionality but also fix theme and plugin issues.

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