I wanted to add a WordPress modal login to the website Gorilla Nutrition (www.gorillanutrition.ca)which has been a ongoing project for a number of months. I would like to have a client area where users can track orders and invoices. This would require having a login. I first looked to see what plugins were available to see if any worked the way I had hoped. 2 plugins that looked promising were paid plugins on codecanyon (such as this one https://codecanyon.net/item/modal-login-register-forgotten-wordpress-plugin/) but I wanted to see if I could accomplish the task for free. I don’t mean to say anything bad about any of the plugins in this blog but rather to show how I was able to arrive at what I was trying to accomplish.

Ciusan Register Login (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ciusan-register-login/)

It’s very rare that i’ll take a chance on a plugin that hasn’t been around for a while or has very little downloads such s this WordPress Modal Login plugin which only had 100+ downloads. I was excited when I saw the screenshots as this plugin looks aesthetically pleasing. However I was disappointed after installing it since it simply didn’t work. This popup was what I was looking for in terms of having the login popup in a modal but once again another plugin that failed me since it simply didn’t work. After I installed this plugin and tried to login it would simply redirect me to a login page. What is the point of that ? I followed the installation instructions which were no hep and I wasn’t going to start going through the forums to debug what should have worked after a simple install. I decided to see what else was available before I decided to take the time debugging.

SimpleModal Login (https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/simplemodal-login/)

I was expecting a lot more from this plugin. Based on the screenshots it wasn’t as pretty as the previous but it had 10000+ active installs which typically means that it’s a credible plugin. Once again I was disappointed. Maybe you need to be a programmer to get this WordPress Login plugin working properly. After I installed the plugin I followed the instructions and placed the short code at the top of the header but after testing it out I found the Login link doesn’t change to Logout once your’e logged in. This unfortunately is a flaw that I wouldn’t want on my sites. Much like the last plugin discussed I wasn’t going to start researching why this plugin wasn’t working as it should have.

Sam Modal Login (https://wordpress.org/plugins/sam-modal-login/)

With only 60+ active installs I was waiting to once again be disappointed due to the low number of downloads but I was pleasantly surprised. The behaviour of the plugin was exactly what I was looking for and with a few CSS and code touch ups I had exactly what I wanted. I was also looking to add a Facebook login integration. This was achieved by installing another plugin called Nextend Facebook Connect. Here are the steps I took to get the plugin working as it currently looks and functions on the Gorilla Nutrition website.

Step 1: Install the plugin. You can search for it in the WordPress plugin directory in the WordPress admin or download it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sam-modal-login/

Step 2: Configure the plugin as you’d desired by visiting Settings->Sam Modal Login. You can adjust the CSS, redirect page and customize the site registration email.


Step 4: Add the following shortcode to your sites header: 

[modal_login login_text=”Login” logout_text=”Logout”]

Step 5: Install the Nextend Facebook Connect plugin through the WordPress plugin directory in the dashboard  by downloading it at https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextend-facebook-connect/

Step 6: Once installed edit the following file /wp-content/plugins/sams-modal-login/sams-modal-login.php at about line 505 under <div class=”ml-content”> and add:

<a CLASS=”loginWithFb” href=”https://gorillanutrition.ca/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=https://gorillanutrition.ca” onclick=”window.location = ‘https://gorillanutrition.ca/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=’+window.location.href; return false;”> LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK </a>

Be sure to edit the above line to reflect your websites URL.

Step 6: Add the following CSS to your global CSS or to the plugins CSS:

a.loginWithFb {
background: #3B579D none repeat scroll 0px 0px;
color: #FFF;
border-radius: 4px;

That’s it! Still needs some touch ups but this was what I originally wanted to accomplish.

You should now have a login that looks like the image below and can see it in action by visiting https://www.gorillanutrition.ca and click on the login link in the header.



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