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Why Page Speed is Important for your WordPress Website

Pagespeed is an important SEO factor that typically goes ignored by most website owners. Optimizing your WordPress website can make an impact on how your site ranks in Google and the user experience on your website.

  • In 2016 Google has made it clear that that page¬†speed is factored into their search algorithm that can affect how your website ranks.
  • It can also impact how visitors respond to your website. A slow loading website can potentially cause visitors to click away from your site, sending them to your competitors websites simply because they have no time or patience to wait.

Does your website load in under 3 seconds?

53% of visitors will leave a web page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Click the button below to find out how fast your website loads. If your WordPress website performance is poor, don’t worry, we can help give your site a boost.


Benefits of Improving Website Page Speed

Hire a NexToronto WordPress Developer to BOOST your page speed

Our page speed optimization services include an page speed audit service that will provide a report as to which issues are hindering your website page speed. NexToronto WordPress developers are available to implement upgrades and fixes to boost your website score and page speed.

Slow loading WordPress websites are often times affected by:

  • Poor web hosting
  • Too many plugins
  • No site caching
  • Uncompressed scripts
  • Large images
  • and several other factors

As part of the page speed audit, we will test your website for various factors and provide solutions to improve your loading time under 3 seconds.

Hire a WordPress Developer today to improve your WordPress website performance.

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