This blog was inspired by a recent client who had selected to use a WordPress one-page parallax theme for their website. While I invite clients to go on and select a theme, it isn’t as cut and dry as selecting an HTML template that is usually based on whatever stock photos the theme author decided to use.

I choose WordPress themes based on their functionality and flexibility since they are used more so as a framework to build the website. I also look at templates ratings and the number of downloads which is usually a good hint about the quality of the template.

One page parallax themes are very common these days. They are essentially single page websites that scroll to a part of a webpage when selecting a menu option rather than redirecting to a completely new web page.  I don’t completely object to this design unless they are used as a landing page in cases such as trying to promote a special offer. However when used for an entire website – I would object.

WordPress Site SpeedPoor Page Speed

Since a one-page parallax themes are typically larger in page size due since they are incorporating all company information and images onto one page. The larger the page size will typically mean slower page loading speeds.

Page speed has been known to have an impact on how websites rank in Google but also usability. Having a slow website may not only affect your search engine ranking but could also annoy visitors as they wait for your web page to load. This can directly affect leads/conversions and an increased bounce rate on your website. Although this point can technically grouped into the next point, I believe it is a major factor to consider.

Bad for SEO

Having a website that has multiple benefits is more likely to rank better than one-page parallax themes.

parallax seo1) Limited to ONE Unique Title, H1 and Meta description tags

These tags are used to tell search engines about the intent of a web page. By limiting your website to having only one of these this means that you are limiting your chances to tell search engines about your website. Target keywords are typically used within these elements on your web page. So if your goal is to rank for “WordPress Development Toronto” then it would be wise to have that text used in your title tag, H1 tag and meta description.

2) NO Keywords in the URL

Search engines like Google do look at keywords within a URL. This is why plugins like YOAST for SEO check that your target keywords are used in the URL. For example if my target keyword that I want to rank for in search is “WordPress developer” then I’d want to make sure it’s included in the URL like so:

Since one-page parallax themes only have one page this isn’t even an option.

3) More indexed pages

If your website has plenty of content then it doesn’t make sense to stuff it into one single page. Rather you should break your content into separate pages such as Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact Us etc. More indexed pages in Google can mean more entrance pages and a chance to target different keywords in point 1.

Affects Usability

parallax theme usability

Parallax not only affects page speed which in turn can have a drastic affect on search ranking and usability but also requires more computations performed by the jquery library. The truth is that parallax web pages can be quite annoying especially if visitors have slow internet speeds.

When viewing one-page parallax websites on mobile devices can also be annoying and in some cases unusable. Not having a mobile-friendly website can have a negative affect on Google rankings in addition to usability so this is yet another reason to consider purchasing this type of theme.


If you’re searching for a WordPress theme for your business then I suggest considering one-page parallax themes. In fact, I would recommend getting a professional WordPress developer to choose a theme for you so that you can avoid making a decision that can ultimately result in a poor online presence. Looking to hire a professional WordPress development company? Call or 416.893.3231 or email us today!