wordpress quick payments pluginI recently added the WordPress Quick Payments Plugin to a clients website to allow them to easily take payments from their clients and pass the invoice and dollar amount over to Paypal. The plugin was very easily configurable through the settings in the WordPress dashboard. Once you’ve configured your preferences you can add a shortcode to your webpage that generates the payment form.

Some of the benefits of this plugin include:

  • Easily customizable
  • Multi-language supported
  • Download a csv of your payment records
  • Layout & Styling Options
  • Fixed or variable payment amounts

One of the drawbacks of this plugin was that it doesn’t use the Paypal IPN. So every time the form submitted and the parameters are passed over to Paypal a sale is recorded in the WordPress backend. This is inaccurate as the customer could have abandoned payment when they got to Paypal. Due to this lack of functionality the orders need to be reconciled through Paypal. The creator of the WordPress Quick Payments Plugin has stated that they are planning on including the Paypal IPN into a future release.

If you wish to download this plugin visit the following address: https://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/