wordpress real estate websiteThe real estate industry has become extremely competitive. With over 48,000 real estate agents in Toronto alone trying to stand out is an almost impossible feat for most realtors. In fact due to the extreme competitiveness of the industry some marketing agencies (I’ve worked for one myself) refuse to take on real estate agents as clients.

In today’s digital age, almost all residential & commercial real estate research is performed online. With sites such as the MLS, New in Homes and other large real estate listing websites, home buyers can query according to different parameters to find their desired dream home without having to leave their home or rely on what their realtor thinks is best for them.

real estate wordpress websiteUsing the Google keyword tool I was able to look at search patterns related to real estate. Based on a few search terms such as  “houses for sale in toronto” which is searched 4,400 times per month and “toronto condos” which is searched 2,200 times per month you can get an idea on search volume and competition. The search term “toronto real estate agent” is searched significantly lower however costs more to bid on if running Adwords which is likely because of competition and the keyword is likely to convert better than the latter.

Most real estate agents depend on their typically dated looking websites their real estate brokers have provided them that yield little to no leads. Not being having an understanding in web development or internet marketing most real estate agents probably think their website will suffice and being found is probably just sheer luck. However with a well structured website and an SEO strategy you can slowly rank for keywords that can potential drive leads and sales.

I asked some close friends who are real estate agents 2 simple questions – “how many leads do you get per month?” and “what is your monthly website traffic like?”. In response they tend to simply shrug their shoulders. In my opinion, not tracking web metrics on your website is like driving with a blindfold on.

I’ve looked at some of the Toronto real estate web development companies in Toronto and decided to step in the ring after seeing the quality they are putting out and how their clients are willing to pay for virtually no online presence. With my background in web development, social media and SEO I’m looking to work with 1 lucky real estate agent in Toronto and revamp their entire online presence as my first objective.

This limited offer will only cost an up front fee of $500 (to cover operating costs) and $35/month reoccurring for hosting.

The value from our real estate web development and internet marketing program will include:

  • Website built in WordPress CMS
  • Integration of WordPress Real Estate Template
  • IDX Integration
  • Web Analytics & Reporting Setup
  • Social Media Setup & Integration
  • Basic On-Page SEO Setup
  • Basic Off-Page SEO
  • Lead Tracking
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Web Hosting
  • 1 hour of WordPress training
  • And more!

The chosen real estate agent will be provided instructions on how to further optimize and market their business online. They will also have the choice of hiring us to manage their online marketing for them if they don’t want to perform these tasks themselves.

If you are interested in getting a professional real estate WordPress website or know a real estate agent that lives around the Greater Toronto Area and looking to establish an effective online presence please contact us today.