Getting your website to work on all devices is very important. Especially since 20% of Googles overall traffic is done on a mobile devices and 60% of local search. I recently worked on a website which had a menu displayed in the header which didn’t match the order that was displayed when the menu was viewed on a mobile device. The WP Responsive Menu is a WordPress mobile menu plugin that quickly and easily solved this problem within minutes.

This WordPress mobile menu plugin works straight out of the box and easily integrates into wordpress and works on all types of mobile devices. It has an easy to use administrative interface which allows you to easily customize it. You can select from different colors, how you want your mobile menu to be displayed, supports swipe gestures, add custom search to your menu, enable pinch to zoom feature and more.

I created a new menu called mobile_menu that had the correct order to of menu items which were to be used on mobile. I then hid the current menu in the CSS whenever the site was viewed on mobile devices so that only the new WorPress responsive menu was viewable. If you’re looking to set a mobile menu for your WordPress site then I highly recommend the WordPress Responsive Menu plugin.

To try this plugin or download it visit the following url:


  • Fully responsive and works on all type of mobile devices.
  • Easily integrates with wordpress menu system.
  • Easy to use admin interface.
  • Easily replace your menu with responsive menu on mobile devices.
  • Choose your custom colors to match your theme.
  • Option to open menu from top, left and right.
  • Easily add your website logo the the menu.
  • Easily hide unwanted elements on mobile devices.
  • Supports swipe gestures.
  • Enable/Disable pinch to zoom feature.
  • Works perfectly on all devices/platforms.
  • Add a custom search bar to your menu.
  • This plugin works out of box with any theme frameworks like genesis or thesis and it also works fine with multisite setups.