Not setting up conversions in your Google Analytics is like driving blind. While most web companies provide their clients with reports on impressions, hits and visitors they typically fail to provide information on the all important conversion. A conversion is a goal that is completed on a website such as form filled or a product purchased.

Most forms created in WordPress are typically setup by default to provide a confirmation message via JavaScript to the visitor to inform them their submission has been sent. While most people (I’ve been guilty of doing this) will typically accept the default settings to self redirect using JavaScript, it would be beneficial to redirect to a confirmation page. Since the your Google Analytics tracks all pages on your website you can now view how many people have reached this page by viewing the amount of traffic to this page. By understanding how users interact with your website can additionally help you improve usability to increase conversions.

As an avid WordPress developer I’m going to cover 3 commonly used WordPress Contact Form plugins and how to set them up to redirect to a thank you page. To achieve this you must first create a thank you page in your WordPress Dashboard Pages->Add New). Add a title and confirmation message. On my NexToronto website I also added a LIKE US on Facebook message to hopefully entice them to help grow my Facebook page.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is probably the most popularly used WordPress contact form plugin. It installs in seconds and you can easily create custom forms in just minutes. Setting up a thank you page redirect in Contact Form 7 is easy. To redirect your visitors to a new page once a form has been filled out you need to add the following code in your Contact Form 7 settings.

1. Click on the edit link for the form you wish to add the redirect to







2. Click on the Additional Settings tab












3. Add the following code: on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;” be sure to add the correct URL of your confirmation page

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another popular WordPress plugin for creating custom forms. I purchased the full plugin last year and was very impressed with how versatile this plugin is to create custom forms with ease. Setting up the redirect page for forms built in Ninja Forms can be done easily just by editing the settings of a form.

1. Click the Edit link on the desired form







2. Select the Email & Actions tab and edit Success Message












3. Change the Type Dropdown to Redirect, enter your confirmation page URL and hit Save


Visual Form Builder

This is yet another great plugin to build custom forms. I’ve also purchased the pro version of this plugin to build advanced custom forms. Setting up a thank you page redirect can also be done easily in this plugin by doing the following.

1. Click the edit link for the form you wish to add the redirect










2. Click on settings
3. Select the “Redirect” option
4. Enter the Thank You page URL


5. Click Save

There you have it!

If you’re looking to hire a professional WordPress web developer contact NexToronto today! If you have any questions or feedback I appreciate you submitting a comment below.