Having social media buttons present on the top of your website has become pretty standard nowadays. Not only has this become essential for allowing visitors to find out about your other social media properties but also for SEO reasons. It’s pretty standard nowadays that most templates come with the option to add social media links to the top part of your website through the template dashboard however if you’re looking for a snazzy plugin that allows you another option to display them then you’ll want to checkout this plugin.

nextoronto-hs-social-media-buttonsThe HS Social Media Buttons are a very cool option. Within minutes you can add a floating menu of social media buttons such as facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, google plus and more onto the left or right side of your site. Once installed you can manage this plugin under the settings tab in your WordPress Dashbord.


  • Easily add social media buttons to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Configure in minutes
  • Choose different effects
  • Place on either side of template
  • Set position from top of page
  • Mobile friendly

One of the drawbacks I found with this plugin was being able to customize the colors and size of the buttons. Overall this is a great plugin if you want to quickly get social media buttons on your WordPress website. I’ve used this plugin myself on a few websites including our very own NexToronto website.