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Improve Google Ranking & User Experience

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2 BIG reasons to Optimize your WordPress Page Speed

Pagespeed is an important SEO factor that typically goes ignored by most website owners. Optimizing your WordPress website can make an impact on how your site ranks in Google and the user experience on your website.

  • In 2016 Google has made it clear that that page¬†speed is factored into their search algorithm that can affect how your website ranks.
  • It can also impact how visitors respond to your website. A slow loading website can potentially cause visitors to click away from your site, sending them to your competitors websites simply because they have no time or patience to wait.

Check your page speed!

There are plenty of tools available online that provide page speed tests. While some of these tools provide grades, it’s most important to pay attention to the overall loading time. See how your website loading time stacks up against your competitors.


The Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

Find out the Results from our Page Speed Audit

After performing the WordPress Page Speed Optimization service we will provide clients with a report detailing any further issues that affect their page speed such as WordPress Plugins and Web Hosting.

In many cases page speed is affected plugins in which we will notify our clients. It is up to them to deactivate them, keep them or find suitable replacements.

Web hosting can be a major factor when it comes to how a web page loads. In fact this can sometimes be the single biggest factor in hindering page speed.

As part of the page speed audit, we will test your site on our servers and suggest choosing a different web hosting company if required.

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