NexToronto’s latest project ( involved converting an HTML website to WordPress. The benefits of having the site converted to WordPress goes beyond simply allowing a site owner to easily add/edit content on their website.

Aside from a standard HTML to WordPress conversion, our Toronto based WordPress development company prides itself in going above and beyond what typical WordPress development companies provide. How do I know this? Because I’ve worked for several web development and internet marketing companies in Toronto and I’ve had the chance to look under the hood to sometimes learn about new plugins but in many cases find out major areas being neglected.

Yoast for SEO | SEO TorontoOn-Page SEO

It’s amazing how many times I see a WordPress website that has just the company name was their home page title tag or even worse, just the word “home page”. But on-page SEO goes far beyond ignoring the title tag. It involves properly setting title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, alt tags and other factors that can improve a websites visibility in search. There are several plugins that can help improve on-page SEO, however YOAST for SEO is pretty much a standard with most WordPress developers.

WordPress Page Speed | SEO TorontoSite Speed

This is yet another often overlooked issue with most WordPress websites and the impact can be amazing. Think about how you would react to a website that took forever to load. Improving page loading speed can improve bounce rate, usability, search rankings and conversions. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can address site speed such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.


Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP)AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is an open source initiative that allows website publishers to create mobile friendly content that loads quickly. For those using WordPress there a few plugins that can help install AMP fairly quickly. I have recently written a blog explaining the how to setup AMP on WordPress. Currently AMP only works for WordPress posts. Since AMP content loads quicker this relates to my point on site speed. Additionally, AMP may also improve search engine rankings, increase visibility and boost traffic. Google has started to display AMP content in carousels that display large images that may easily capture a users attention.

SEO SSL | SEO TorontoSSL enabled & Godaddy Web Hosting

Lately I’ve become a fan of Godaddy. They offer 24-7 support and offer terrific hosting solutions for WordPress websites. The site was migrated from their previous hosting company to Godaddy’s Ultimate package which is only $7.99/month. Godaddy support helped make the process very smooth. SSL was also installed on the website which has been known to provide a minor ranking boost in Google. SSL provides an extra layer of security as well showing Google that a site is trusted and certified. SSL certificates can be purchased from your hosting company for as little as $5.99/year.

Image optimization | SEO TorontoImage Optimization

This is something that is very simple to do but once again often overlooked by most WordPress developers. Once again this is yet another factor that can improve site speed which I’ve mentioned. Installing plugins such as Ewww Image Optimizer or Smush It easily allows you to reduce images sizes on upload or in bulk without sacrificing image quality. The benefits include faster loading pages, less demand on servers, reduced web hosting space as well as the benefits mentioned with Site Speed.

Of course these are only a few of the benefits that have been incorporated into the Medevision website. Nextoronto is always looking for newer or better WordPress plugins that can give our clients the competitive edge.

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