Does your WordPress website provide value for your business?

Get 1 Hour WordPress Web Audit – $299


NexToronto’s Web Audit service provides a cost-to-value service that’s a no-brainer for any business looking to improve their online presence.

Just having a website isn’t good enough anymore. There are hundreds of factors that contribute to a websites online success. Many businesses and website owners are completely oblivious to what their hired web developer may have skipped intentionally or due to lack of experience.

Through our WordPress Audit you will receive 1 hour with a WordPress expert who will review your entire website to identify issues that are keeping your website from receiving the search traffic and ranking better in Google, suggestions to improve user experience and identify other possible factors that could be why your competitors are outperforming your online presence.


Search Engine Optimization

Is your website setup for search? We will look at your WordPress website to see if you have the right plugins and HTML markup that can help your visitors find your website for target keywords.

Site Performance Issues

We will look into technical SEO and performance issues such as how quickly does your website load? In 2016 Google has announced that page speed would be considered when ranking websites.

User Experience

How is the user experience on your website? We will look at your website responsiveness and provide feedback on how to improve your website design so you an engage and convert visitors into customers/leads.

WordPress Checkup

We will review your WordPress backend to see if any updates need to be made, is your site secure and configured properly.

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Meet a WordPress Expert

Meet a WordPress Expert

Hi, I’m Danny D’Ambrosio. I’ve been a WordPress, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Expert for almost 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of business succeed online.

In addition to helping companies strengthen their online presence, I also have my own personal online websites which succeed using the same strategies deployed on client websites.

Having audited hundreds of websites, I now extend my expertise to review your WordPress website and provide valuable information that can be used to improve your overall website effectiveness and search ranking.