Widgets are a small block that performs a function in WordPress. The functionality of widgets can range from tag clouds, login forms, contact forms, calendars, recent posts and more. In the past there were times where I wanted to embed a widget in the content body of my website and this had to be done through hard coding. Thankfully someone came along and came up with the idea of converting this functionality into a shortcode that can be used throughout your website.

For those who don’t know what a short code is, its a code that allows you to embed objects into your website without having to rely on complicated ugly code. Shortcodes or shortcuts are always in square brackets like this

[]. An example of a shortcode for embedding a YouTube video might looks like this [code].

shortcodeA Handy WordPress Plugin

This plugin is typical installed on almost all websites I launch. While few themes offer the capability to embed widgets into the body of your website, this is why this plugin comes in handy. Widgets are typically viewed as functionality that can be placed on sidebars and footers they can also be used within the body of your website.

There are a few WordPress plugins available that provide similar functionality that when installed will allow you to embed widgets in your website body. Once installed you will see a generated shortcode at the bottom of your widgets that are available to be copied and inserted wherever you want the widget to appear throughout your website.

If you’d like to try this plugin you can find it on the link below. Keep in mind there are several variations of the same plugin but if you want to try it out you can download it from the link below or just search “widget shortcode” in the WordPress plugin library.


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