screenshot-1Migrating WordPress can be quite a hassle. One tool that I’ve been relying on when migrating websites is WP Migrate DB. This plugin makes migrating your WordPress databases very seamless since it has a great search and replace function which takes into consideration any domains and paths which will be different in new hosting locations. I develop all my sites in my own staging environment so when it’s time to push the sites to production this tool comes in handy.

PRO Version with Email Support and More Features

  • Select the tables you want to migrate
  • Pull production db down and replace local db
  • Push local db up and replace production/staging db
  • Multisite support
  • Video walkthroughs and howtos
  • Media files migration
  • Fire migrations from the command line or via a function call
  • More frequent bug fixes and improvements
  • And more features on the way!

The video below demonstrates WP Migrate DB in action.

If you wish to download this plugin you can usually just search for it through your WordPress Admin by searching “WP Migrate DB” in your plugins search or just visit the link below: