WordPress Private Products & Posts Plugin

If you’re looking to restrict access in WordPress for products & posts to individual users there aren’t any plugins which can achieve this without having to complicate things through the use of user roles. Other plugins which are similar don’t work as advertised which we have found.

This lightweight WordPress plugin was created for one of our clients so they can assign custom tailored products to users. Product visibility is based on logged in users provided they are given access in the WordPress dashboard.

WP Private Products & Posts also extends to blog posts. This was created so that assigned logged in users can also be provided tailored content for them. When assigned users login they will see ONLY be able to view assigned posts on the home page and blog page that was given access to them.

Installing WP Private Products & Posts

1. In the WordPress dashboard select Plugins->Add New
2. Select the WP Private plugin zip file
3. Click the Install Now button

That’s it.

WordPress Private Products & PostsAssigning User Access to Products & Posts

Assigning users to taxonomies such as products & posts is easy. Simply select their username from the drop down in the sidebar when updating or publishing.

When the user logs in only they will see their assigned product, page or post.

Admin users are set to see ALL products & posts on the frontend when logged in.


If you have a website that is developed using WooCommerce, this is a simple WordPress plugin but which come in handy to create private custom product and news articles for users which are otherwise hidden for all other users.

We will be working to update this plugin with additional functionality but I thought I’d make it publish for anyone looking to restrict products and content access by user. You can download it for free by clicking the button below.

Download WP Private Products & Posts