One of the biggest benefits to getting your website built by NexToronto is having a website found in search. In my opinion this is the most important piece to a website which most web developers/web designers/web companies tend to skip. It amazes me when I’ll look at an established company and notice they have “Home” as their main page title tag.

Search Engine Optimization is something that is incorporated with all NexToronto websites since we believe your website shouldn’t be an art piece sitting on a server. Instead it should be a marketing tool that generates sales/leads and promotes your business.

We develop our websites mostly in WordPress which is the world’s leading content management system for numerous reasons. With every installation by NexToronto Web Development we typically install a certain set of plugins that will supercharge your online marketing efforts and optimize your site for search. Yoast for SEO is a WordPress plugin that is one of them.

This out of the box SEO plugin can be installed in seconds from your WordPress dashboard through the plugins repository or by visiting Since 2008 it has evolved into a plugin that goes far beyond just managing your on-page SEO.

Some of the benefits of using YOAST for SEO include:

On-Page Analysis – This WordPress SEO plugin acts like an SEO checklist for your pages to make sure your on-page SEO elements such as title tag length, keyword use, whether your content is long enough, use of subheadings and other on-page factors that will help increase your chances of ranking for a particular keyword. YOAST for SEO will provide a score and greenlight if you’ve used the focus keyword correctly on the page.

XML Sitemaps – Sitemaps are used to tell search engines which pages to crawl within your website. It is not visible to users but submitted to search engine tools such as Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. YOAST allows you to configure and generate a sitemap for your website.

Social Media Integration – It is well known that social media is can influence search engine rankings. YOAST improves the way your content is shared through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by filling out meta information.

There are many other SEO plugins available for WordPress such as Platinum SEO however YOAST for SEO has been my first choice for years. In fact it’s the first plugin I install with any WordPress installation.

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress Developer in Toronto then contact NexToronto Web Development today! We specialize in WordPress development, search engine optimization, social media marketing and most of allĀ  we can help your business grow it’s online marketing efforts.