One question I get asked a lot is “how much does a website cost?“.

While I’m tempted to say around $1500-3000 as a reflex, the correct answer is that it’s all relative to the time spent on a project.

An experienced WordPress developer usually charges anywhere from $45-150/hour on average in North America. Of course, you can always hire someone overseas for a fraction of the cost but you’ll soon become familiar with the popular saying – “you get what you pay for”.

NexToronto Web Development offers WordPress website packages which currently start at $999+HST which are a great fit for startup companies. These website packages are developed in WordPress which provide the benefit of giving our clients the ability to manage the content and images on their own website.

They include our top WordPress plugins, are designed to be Google-friendly and social media ready. They include what “I believe” would provide a maximum benefit for a startup website. However additional design and custom functionality require more time and therefore cost more.

Since Google’s objective is to provide the most relevant/best websites to the end user, websites that are built on a low budget or one time charge will likely not stand a chance against websites that have made a larger investment and are constantly improved.

To answer the question simply, there is no definitive answer to how much a website cost as it’s all relative to the scope of the project. Aside from the web development there are some additional costs that should be factored in:

  • Web Hosting – This usually startsĀ from $5 and up
  • Domain Registration $10/year
  • Website maintenance is typically $500 and up
  • SSL certificate – not mandatory but recommended $50/year

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