wordpress to joomlaAbout 10 years ago I transitioned from using Joomla as my primary choice of content management systems (CMS) to build websites over to developing almost exclusively in WordPress. According to statistics WordPress makes up more than half of all CMS based websites on the internet while Joomla only makes up 8%. This is still pretty high however that number is dwindling as more websites switch over to WordPress.

I recently had a project where I had to rebuild clients website from Joomla to WordPress. The original site had almost 300 pages of content which I wasn’t about to migrate manually and I wasn’t about to pay a company to perform this task since there are companies that charge big money for CMS migration services. FG Joomla to WordPress is a WordPress plugin that accomplishes this task however I hit a snag when I tried using it.

The issue I came across was that it wouldn’t connect to the Joomla site to allow the import. I came up with the idea of just exporting the Joomla database and importing it into the same database as my WordPress install and then setting up the parameters to reference the local Joomla database. When I connected the plugin to reference the Joomla DB locally it worked like a charm.

I was able to migrate all pages successfully however another you will still need to audit the content. For instance if you have links/images that are referenced using relative paths then you will have to edit them manually. Installing a broken link checker plugin can help you identify them quickly.

Don’t forget to setup 301 redirects that point all your old pages to your new pages. This is to avoid visitors visiting pages that do not exist anymore. To avoid this from happening I recommend using a WordPress plugin for this called EPS Redirects. This plugin will allow you to set the original URL and point it to the new URL. In addition to this I also suggest re-submitting a new XML sitemap through your Google Webmaster Tools account to let Google know which pages on your site to index.

I was able to accomplish the task by using the free version of this WordPress plugin. You can purchase the premium version which provides additional features such as migrating authors, users, passwords, navigation menus and more.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Joomla to WordPress plugin feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Download the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin

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